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You know you want to upgrade your home, but haven't quite nailed down a design - our designers will help you create the perfect space that fits your home and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for custom railings, a covered cooking area, or a deck built for sunbathing - we start with learning how you’ll use your deck, porch, sunroom, addition, or patio, and consider the space and landscaping we’ll be building on. Then, we create an outdoor oasis that is perfectly built for you.

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We at Steadfast take the time to review your project in great detail by focusing on the layout of the project, how people will enter and exit the space, how furniture will be placed and other details on how to create an enjoyable atmosphere for the homeowner and those accessing the space.

In addition, we will want to know more specifics on how the space will be used, such as, how many people will be using the space. From the exit, do you want the ground level to have hardscape? How will the railing complement the floor surface? These questions and more may factor into the 3D design process.

If you already have a 3D deck design in hand, we are ready to bring your project to life. If you need help with planning, you can use our experience in creating master plans for projects. For larger residential projects, we can take care of any needed engineering, land development code review, compliance and regulatory oversight, and analyzing environmental impact. Contact us today to let our decks and patios design team get started.

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