Worry Less About Your Deck Weathering

Let’s start with the basics. To paraphrase Merriam-Webster Dictionary , weathering is the process whereby weather conditions, especially UV rays, alter the color, texture, composition, or form of exposed objects, specifically the disintegration of materials. So, in terms of decking, the weather patterns and natural environment around your home is important to how your deck looks — and its overall health.

When it comes to the nitty-gritty details of weathering, TimberTech is all about product transparency. TimberTech ensures that you are covered in all aspects of your outdoor living investments, from providing the industry’s best warranties to meticulously engineering all the caps and cores of our boards to prevent mold, moisture damage, and weathering.

A TimberTech AZEK board (far left) and two TimberTech PRO boards (middle and right photos) after 6 months of natural weathering.

(From left to right.) Cedar, treated Pine, and Mahogany after 6 months of natural weathering.

When it comes to a major investment for your home and property value, don’t take the risk of your deck weathering. Contact Steadfast Construction to discuss the best material recommended to build your deck that matches your style and budget. Also, take a look at our deck gallery.

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